Pumpkin Seeds


Giant pumpkin seeds with amazing genetic potential.  This seed comes from a 1,325-pound pumpkin.  The "mother" was a 2,005-pound pumpkin and the "father" was a 2,255-pound pumpkin.  That combination means you could grow a 200, 300, 1,000 or 2,000-pound pumpkin when utilizing the best growing techniques.  It's fun for the entire family to watch a seed grow to the biggest jack-o-latern in the neighborhood.

Seeds will be available for shipment or pick-up starting the later part of November 2019. You will receive an email notification when your seed is ready.  Price is per seed. We cannot guarantee establishment of seed due to various factors over which we have no control. We recomend starting the seed indoors where you can controll the enviroment for ideal germination success. For best success, be sure to watch our How To Grow a Giant Pumpkin video.